Love the Rouge

What are people saying about Paddle the Rouge?

“The paddle was fun and you got exercise. It’s also cool to get out on the river and experience nature.  I wish I could’ve stayed longer” – Andrew

“It was one of the most memorable experience for me and my son. We look forward every year to Paddle the Rouge. It’s been our 2nd year and every year Paddle the Rouge gets better. It is a great experience for my son who can paddle and enjoy the nature and encourages him to be part of the nature. Thanks CPAWS Wildlands League for this event. Meeting the PM was such an great experience would love to go back and paddle again when get the chance.” – Shivani

“It’s a natural haven in the middle of a large city. That’s pretty amazing. And it’s something that should be protected” –  Gary Anandasangaree MP for Scarborough—Rouge Park

“Rouge Park is Canada’s premiere “learn-to” park. It is a gateway to discovering nature for 20% of Canada’s population. It provides unprecedented opportunities for Canadians to experience nature and learn about our cultural and agricultural heritage” – Hon Catherine McKenna, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change

“It’s a wonderful experience for the whole family.. A nice learning experience for the kids and just a very nice and relaxing day.” – Eli

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