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Paddle the Rouge Shareables and Promotional Toolkit

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Content suggestions for registration:

“#PaddletheRouge is back! Join Wildlands League at @RougePark on Saturday June 15th! Learn about nature in your backyard and let Wildlands League teach your kids to paddle for FREE. Tickets are limited, register today at #PaddletheRouge @wildlandsleague #GoWildON”

“Looking for a fun day in the water? Rent a kayak or canoe and go paddling with your loved ones at #PaddletheRouge, Saturday June 15th! Check out for more info. #PaddletheRouge @wildlandsleague #GoWildON”

“Do you know how to paddle? Give a kid a new skill and teach them to paddle at #PaddletheRouge on Saturday June 15th! Visit for more info. #PaddletheRouge @wildlandsleague #GoWildON”

“Learn about the beautiful nature in your own backyard. Bring your kids down to #PaddletheRouge on Saturday June 15th, where we have FREE youth paddling sessions and kayaks and canoes for rent.  #PaddletheRouge @wildlandsleague #GoWildON”

“Looking for a fun Father’s Day treat? Bring your dads down to #PaddletheRouge, happening Saturday June 15th! Rent a kayak or canoe and Paddle the Rouge River with the entire family at! #PaddletheRouge @wildlandsleague #GoWildON”

Content suggestion for volunteering:

“Want to teach kids how to paddle? Volunteer with Wildlands League at #PaddletheRouge on 
Saturday June 15th! Learn more at @wildlandsleague

Download our shareable graphics below